Cleansing Detox

Do you constantly get sick and feeling low on energy? If so, you might need to ask yourself, when was the last time my body went through a thorough detox cleansing? For some individuals, the thought of getting a detox cleansing freaks them out a little. For some, cleansing may not be for them, but for most, they just may not know enough about detoxing to be comfortable.

Though many are not sure about the nature of detox cleansing, most have at least heard of it. If your diet consists of eating on the run, lost of snacking, and fast foods, then detox cleansing might seem quite frightening, but these are the people that could actually benefit from it most.

The purpose of a detox is to grant your body some rest, re-balancing, and cleansing. The detox cleansing practice is designed to remove toxins from the human body and rejuvenate the vital organs and digestive system.  There are many types of detoxes on the market, including drinks, pills, shgakes and fasts, so it is important, if you are considering doing a detox, to check out the safety and validity of each one.
If you are one of those individuals who never been through a detox experience, here is some general information you would be aware of.

1. Think about your current state of health, and what you would like to achieve through your cleansing. Do you want to feel rested? Do you want to feel calmer? Do you want more energy? Do I want to feel stronger? Many people claim that detoxes will help with these areas, and making a note of what you hope to achieve will help you find the best detox, and stay on the restrictive program, to get your desired result.

2.  Once you start your detox, you will begin to develop a taste for healthy foods that you may not normally crave. To optimize the detox process,  try various types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. These healthy items assist in cleansing the body naturally on any diet. Creating different types of fruit smoothies can be a sweet tasting way to satisfy the necessary daily intake.

3. Before you even start to attempt to detox, you should know in advance how long you plan to detox cleanse. For first time detox individuals, I would recommend that you take it one day at a time. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your system by intensely detoxing your body without some sort of built-up tolerance.

4. Always remember to keep your heart and mind open for success. Be very in tune to what is taking place within your body.  Dizziness and headache are commonly reported side effects, but this doesn’t mean you have to suffer through them.  If you ever feel sick or faint, ditch the detox.

5. Write your detox experience down in a journal and document every thought, emotion, and revelation.  Detoxes and fasts are often thought of as spiritual experiences, and when you get strict with your body it frees your mind.  If you really want to educate yourself on what you eat, the way you eat, and why, then detox cleansing can offer you a way to realize your close relationship with food. Within this realization you may decide to consume products to re-balance and cleanse your body.

6. Living a detox cleansing life is like living as a whole new person. You may rather have a salad then the usual burger and fries. Changes in your appetite or taste, is a good indicator that you are on the right track to successfully living a detox diet. Another indicator of your detox success is the extra energy you find yourself having. With that extra energy you might find yourself exercising and participating in things you never imagined.

7. Once you realize your success in detox cleansing, then invite friends and family members to join you to become apart of the detox life. Getting and having others around to encourage and inspire each other would be a wonderful idea. Life is not a race, take your time and enjoy your detox.


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