Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are something that just about everyone will take at one time or another during their life. It is recommended that adults take a multivitamin everyday in order to maintain good health and strong bones, but multivitamins are just one of the many types of nutritional supplements that a person can take. The safety of nutritional supplements is always under debate, and can be quite confusing.

There are many physicians and other health care providers that will make the claim that all nutrition supplements, and even diet pills are good for you, but the truth is that some are fine if they are used correctly and not abused, but it would be ridiculous, and irresponsible for someone to claim that all nutritional supplements, and over the counter diet pills, work when many of them do not have the necessary ingredients to make them effective.

One of the best nutritional things that should be included in your supplements is called Beta-Carotene. This is a substance that can be found in vegetables such as carrots, and gives them their orange color.  Beta-carotene increases immunity and helps slow any age related brain degeneration along with macular eye degeneration. It has also been said, however, that long term use of supplements with beta carotene can increase the risk of bowel cancer for the people who drink alcohol and for smokers.

Fluoride is another common ingredient in supplements. Dentist’s recommend using a toothpaste that is full of fluoride because it can help prevent tooth decay.  There are a couple of negative effects of over using fluoride, though. Fluoride has been found to increase the risk of osteoporosis and also cause damage to the nervous system. It would be recommended to use fluoride sparingly because of these problems.

Melatonin is another popular choice. It is a hormone that is produced by the brain that helps to maintain and regulate the natural pattern of sleeping and waking, and many use the supplement to help with sleep issues or when traveling.  Melatonin is currently being tested as a possible treatment for some cancers, as well, but overusing Melatonin can cause a decrease in lung function at night time in people that suffer from asthma.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in many foods, but many choose to supplement them.  Omega-3′s aid in child development as well as the health of your blood and joints. Both of those can help with a person’s blood pressure and varicose veins that can form as we age. Too much of this particular supplement, however,  can cause increased bleeding when mixed with aspirin or warfarin.  If you are a diabetic, you can also suffer complications like losing control of your glycemic index and decreasing your resistance to infection.

There are hundreds of supplements on the market and it is important to research the individual ingredients of a supplement you are thinking of taking, and ask your doctor if any supplement is right for you, as many can interfere with medications or special conditions you may have.


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