How to Get 6 Pack Abs

Getting six pack abs takes hard work, dedication and a lot of working out. You are also going to have to get used to a strict diet that will help you lost weight the fastest, and a mix of cardio and strength training. Seeing results may take a while, but the better you stick to your plan, the sooner you will hit your goals.

Muscle definition in your abs is about more than doing crunches.  Your abs are comprised of many different muscle groups.  Your core muscles wrap horizontally around your abdomen, and provide support and protection for your spine and internal organs.  Your obliques run diagonally from your rib cage toward your hips, inserting around where your pant pockets would kit.  Your rectus abdominus, or abs, are the muscles that run vertically along the front of your stomach, and are the abs that form the 6 pack people crave.

Having a great looking abdomen is considered sexy and healthy, and for many a pipe dream.

Most people think that crunches are the answer, but not entirely. Some that are a little more well versed in the ways of fitness think that cardio is the trick, but even than isn’t enough. Ab exercises develop abdominal muscles, and cardio is great to blast fat from all over your body, but those alone will not get you six pack you dream of.

You have to clean up your diet.

Diet is about 75% of having a defined mid section.

By diet, I don’t mean cutting calories. If you have extra fat on your midsection, you aren’t going to be able to see the definition in your abs, and cutting your calories to a healthy range will help you lose excess body fat, but when it comes to true definition, it’s what you are eating that is important, not what you aren’t eating.

A clean diet isn’t just to ensure that you don’t over eat, it is about only ingesting foods that build up your metabolism, your body, and your health, instead of tearing you down with ooey, gooey processed and sugary foods.

Your midsection is where all the junk you eat goes- and stays. It settles around your middle, increasing your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, and softens your abs’ appearance.

You may be saying that you aren’t overweight, don’t have much excess fat to lose, you are just frustrated that you can’t get obvious definition but I repeat, you need to clean up your diet.

Cutting out processed crap and eating healthy, fresh foods like avocados, walnuts, spinach, salmon, whole grains, fat free yogurt and milk and grapefruit will blast any extra fat the is stopping your definition from showing through and keep your metabolism running in high gear, no matter what your weight.

You may have your calories in check, but getting those calories from junk food instead of healthy foods will still have a negative effect on your abs. 1,600 calories of high fat foods a day will not give you the same results as 1,600 calories of nutritious, low fat foods.

Once you have your diet in check, then comes the ab work. You want to train all the muscle groups of your abdomen- core, obliques and abs- to get the most obvious, even definition. Don’t neglect your lower back, either. The lower back is part of your core and needs just as much attention. Don’t work your abs everyday, as they need 24 hours to heal, just like every other muscle in your body.

Mixing planks, back extension, crunches, and oblique work, in addition to a clean diet and consistent cardio is the key to getting washboard abs you can be proud of.


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