How Does Katy Perry Stay So Cute?

According to, Katy Perry doesn’t starve herself. Far from it! In fact, the gorgeous, blue-eyed songstress enjoys a variety of different foods—some great for her, and some not so great.

She said, “I love mushrooms. I could eat a ton of them. I really love truffles, but I hardly ever get them. Mushrooms, in general, though are so healthy and good for you. I can’t get enough.” True, Katy. The right kinds of mushrooms are an excellent source of fiber, B vitamins, important minerals such as selenium, and other essential vitamins. The fact that they’re quite filling is also a plus when it comes to weight management.

Now let’s find out what the celebrity indulges in when she’s not being so healthy… “My fave things include barbecue chicken chop at CPK, chinese chicken salad at Chinchins, rock shrimp and yellow tail sashimi at Nobu, crispy beef at Mr. Chow’s, four curry chicken salad at Urth Café, and my beloved double double at In-N-Out Burger.” Well, not all that bad…until you got to the double double. I know—beef is great. But it’s just not that great for you. Especially when it’s loaded with high-fat condiments.

However, whatever Katy lacks for in diet, she makes up for at the gym. When asked how she stays in shape, Katy replied to, “I hate working out, but I love jumping rope. There’s a rhythm. It’s like dancing. I can double jump; I can cross. I can do all of it. I look like Rocky when I jump rope.” When you add to that her high-energy performances, you can see why this lady-kissing girl has a body to die for.

Yes, Katy. You are a champion. And I’m going out to buy a jump rope.


How Does Katy Perry Stay So Cute? — 34 Comments

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