P.S. Interview: Fitness Boot Camps Get Big Results

Recently, the LATimes published an article showcasing fitness boot camps and how they can offer you a more intense and effective workout than hitting the gym on your own. Just what makes boot camps so special? And what can you expect from a boot camp style workout? I asked Brian Wehner, part owner of My Revolution Boot Camp, a women’s only boot camp in Bellevue, WA and Woodinville, WA to find out.

Why did you start My Revolution?
I owned a private personal training studio for a number of years, and became frustrated with the lack of results.   Most clients seem to follow the same pattern of joining, wasting time and money putzing around for a few months, then wasting hundreds more dollars for the months they just stop going. My Revolution Boot Camp is something people wouldn’t normally think of doing that has built in accountability due to the fact that we have assistants that act somewhat like personal trainers, correcting form and offering modifications and motivation on an individual basis, for a fraction of the cost of training.

What is a typical boot camp workout like?

It really varies, which is why it is so effective. My Revolution workouts are held outside, lead by a professional instructor with assistants overseeing campers and offering support. The workouts are a mix of body weight conditioning exercises, plyometrics (jump training, which burns serious calories and improves performance) and cardiovascular events with some light weight training.

Why is a boot camp style workout so effective?

Consistency is the key to getting results. Boot camp gets every camper out of their comfort zone. The gym can be an intimidating, isolating, unfriendly atmosphere, which doesn’t make it the most enjoyable place to be. If you don’t enjoy your workouts, you won’t keep up with them, plain and simple. Boot camp is a fun group atmosphere, where like-minded and goal oriented people can build a sense of camaraderie and community to work together toward their goals. Everyone is out of their comfort zone, sweating and working hard, with trained professionals leading them every step of the way. The workouts are designed for optimal results and maximum calorie burn- all you have to do is show up, and work hard.

How are they different than regular gym classes?

In a typical fitness class, like a step or Turbo or Zumba, there is a class room full people and one instructor. No one checks to see if you are doing your exercises safely or effectively and there is no one to ask questions to or seek out for help. Each class has a ‘focus’, like the ones I just listed, which limits your exercises, and your results. In boot camp, anything goes, as long as it gets your heart rate up and your muscles burning.  If you’ve ever taken a fitness class, you know they are cramped and crowded, and most of the time you have to show up 30 minutes early to claim a spot. At boot camp, your spot is reserved, and there is unlimited space.

You mentioned your issues with PT clients, so who is the ideal boot camper?

Anyone who is willing to try something different, work hard, and follow our nutrition plan. Nutrition is a huge part of reaching any fitness goal and working hard at camp isn’t going to help if you eat like crap.

Boot camps are a unique way to have tons of fun and get a serious workout with serious results.  Fitness boot camps are popping up all over the US, so make sure to check out what your neighborhood has to offer.


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