‘Biggest Loser’ Contestant Blames Eating Disorder on Show (Video)

Kai Hibbard, a contestant on the third season of The Biggest Loser, has been causing quite a stir lately. She appeared on The Early Show to air out some claims she has against the show on which she appeared.

The former contestant claims that the show caused her to develop an eating disorder. Furthermore, Kai claims that the show pushes the contestants to lose weight by skipping meals and instead drinking coffee while also intentionally going into a state of dehydration to show weight loss.

Kai publicly went on record saying that while she did lose over 100 pounds on The Biggest Loser, she gained 70 of it back once she began to take care of herself (which I’m assuming she means as getting over her “eating disorder”). Kai says, “Don’t for one second think I’m going to be grateful.” Huh? How can you be grateful to an enterprise that supposedly caused your eating disorder?

“It’s a TV show that’s made to look like a weight loss camp. So there was pressure from production and everybody involved in the show to make sure you had as big of numbers as possible every week,” Kai says. She then went on to say that her family became concerned about her health when her hair began to fall out. After her family confronted her, Kai got the help she needed to overcome her eating disorder.

While I kind of feel bad for Kai (she looks kind of pitiful hanging on to her hubby’s hand), I’m flabbergasted. Really, Kai? If this is the case, why in the world aren’t other contestants stepping forward to confirm your claims?

NBC reacted to Kai’s claims by stating: “Contestants on The Biggest Loser are closely monitored and medically supervised. The consistent health transformations of over 200 contestants through nine seasons of the program speak for themselves.”


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