How Sofia Vergara Keeps Her Bikini Body

The internet is abuzz with lust and jealousy for Sofia Vergara, the curvy bombshell who just got nominated for an Emmy for her performance as Gloria on ABC’s new hit comedy Modern Family. She uploaded a bikini pic to Twitter from her vacation in Italy, leading us all to wonder how the 37 year-old mom keeps so svelte.

Sofia said in an interview with Shape Magazine that she is “addicted to sugar,” but allows herself three lollipops a day to curb her craving for more detrimental sweets. “My problem is desserts. I am obsessed with desserts,” she said. “I am sure it’s not good,” she said of her lollipop habit, “but it’s better than ordering tiramisu, which is what I really want to do.”

Sofia also said that she keeps a solid diet and exercise regimen that includes the Tracy Anderson dance method. ”I am not very obsessed with dieting and working out, but I always do it,” she said. “I try to do everything in moderation. With age, I realize I have to do it more and more, unfortunately.”

Luckily, she’s not expected to be “skinny” for her TV role – she needs to keep those natural curves. “People expect… a woman to be a little more voluptuous. So they don’t expect you to be really thin,” she said. “So it’s easier for me. I don’t really have to keep myself. Because I have to fill all those outfits, you know. They want to see Gloria like a voluptuous woman.”

I gotta try me those dance moves! As for the lollipops, it got me thinking about whether there are healthier versions out there besides straight-up sugary ones. Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops are still sugary, but they’re natural and only about 23 calories each – so with Sofia’s habit of three a day, you’d only be adding 69 calories to your diet. Maybe she’s onto something!


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