INSANITY Challenge: Fit Test #2 Results

I recapped week 3 of my Insanity Challenge last time and finished week 4.  The first day of week 3 was the second Fit Test of the program, where I took the same Fit Test I did before my first day of the program to track my progress.  Here were my results:


  • Switch Kicks (R and L leg equals 1 rep) Week 1: 57 Week 3: 60
  • Power Jacks Week 1:  43 Week 3: 44
  • Power Knees Week 1: 80 Week 3: 80
  • Power Jumps Week 1: 30 Week 3:  32
  • Globe Jumps (squat jumps in 4 directions= 1 rep) Week 1: 9 Week 3: 11
  • Suicide Jumps (think squat thrusts or burpees)  Week 1: 19 Week 3: 20
  • Low Plank Obliques (R and L equals 1 rep) Week 1:  20 Week 3: 21

I’ve lost a few pounds here and there, but since that’s not my goal, I’ve been eating to counteract it, so my body composition hasn’t changed much, but  I feel like my cardiovascular endurance has improved quite a bit- I can make it through the dvds with more ease, and obviously my Fit Test shows slight improvement, which I expect to continue with each Fit Test.  I don’t know how much of it was pure motivation to at least do one more rep this time around- it’s human nature to be able to perform better when you have a number to shoot for, but I feel like I really maxed myself out this time around.

My shoulder injury I had before I started the program has completely subsided, and I think I’m ready to do the program in it’s entirety now, with the push ups and planks, without worry of hurting it again.  We’ll see.

Did you miss anything?

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INSANITY Challenge: Fit Test #2 Results — 208 Comments

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