One Woman Inspires a Town to Go From Fat to Fit

In From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself Into a Weapon of Mass Reduction, Carole Carson shares her inspirational story of weight loss and the power of a community.  What started as one woman’s goal to lose 40 pounds by her 60th birthday inspired over 1,000 people in her community to do the same.

You may have heard of her.  After her own transformation, Carole and local gym owner Mike Carville launched the Nevada County Meltdown which received national attention after helping over 1,000 local  participants to drop over 7,509 pound, appearing on NBC’s TODAY Show, CBS’s The Early Show and MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

Carole knew she had to change the morning she stepped on her bathroom scale and it literally broke.  With her sixtieth birthday fast approaching, Carole made the decision to change her life.  She hired a personal trainer, began working out and eating better.  To keep herself accountable, Carole offered to write a column in the local newspaper that soon turned her into a local celebrity.

Over the course of 16 weeks, Carole surpassed her goal by losing a 41 pounds and 66 inches (1 pound and 26 inches more than her original goals!) by her 60th birthday by working out an average of 12 hours a week combining hiking, yoga, strength training and her first love, tennis.  Simple as that: no diets, no gimmicks, just the motivation to make a change and the support of her community to make the right decisions.

Fat to Fit isn’t just the story of how Carole lost her weight.  Her personal story is interspersed with inspirational stories of how others in the community have reached their goals, how you can, too, and how you can start a ‘fitness epidemic’ in your own community.

Carole’s message is that of common sense and right thinking.  By focusing on health, taking one day and one decision at a time, everyone can reach their goals.  Everyone can get healthy.  Everyone can use weight: if you have the right support.

The success of the Nevada County Meltdown is the perfect example of how community, support and a shared experience can take the fear out of change.  By making it fun, and making it a group activity, an entire town not only dropped tons (literally) of weight, they became a closer, and healthier, community.

Pick up From Fat to Fit and start your own fitness epidemic.  Who knows who you could inspire?


One Woman Inspires a Town to Go From Fat to Fit — 82 Comments

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