Spark People’s iPad App Rocks!

Always on the go, it’s not easy to make time for exercise. In fact, our busy lifestyles tend to be an e

xcuse we all use to avoid exercise, but the busier we are, the more our bodies need the workout. As much as I’d love to carry my Wii everywhere I go to take advantage of Wii Fit and the other games we enjoy, it’s not practical. The iPad is though, and with more fitness companies jumping on the bandwagon to provide quality fitness applications to download for use on the go, you won’t want to miss out on these offerings.

One of the top fitness and diet apps on the market was released as a free download by on Friday, September 10, and after less than a week, it’s still getting thousands of downloads. Often referred to as the “Facebook of Dieting,” SparkPeople currently has apps for all available mediums, making them one of the most accessible programs for keeping you on the level and in shape, even when you’re on the go.

The Spark People iPad app comes with great features that allow you to keep track set your own personalized diet plan, keep track of everything you eat, as well as your calorie count for the day, access hundreds of thousands of user-submitted recipes, track your weight and update your goals and access more than two hundred and fifty exercise animations.

As a user, the idea of having such intimate interaction with the program while on the go is incredibly appealing. When you’re monitoring your diet and counting calories, it’s not always easy to keep track of everything after the fact, but with the ability to enter the details into your profile, you can see where your calorie count stands for the day–perfect when you’re not sure how much you’ve already eaten.

You can’t beat free, and the community support offered by a site like is an essential part of not just losing weight and keeping it off, but taking the necessary steps toward the lifestyle changes needed to become a stronger, healthier you.

The download is app-solutely free for mobile users, and the link to their app in the iTunes store can be found on the official website. They also have apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, iTouch and Android. Keeping in touch with the people who keep you on your toes is so important; doing it for free makes it that much sweeter.


Spark People’s iPad App Rocks! — 638 Comments

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