16-Year-Old Dies Using Bowflex

We often don’t think about the dangers of exercise equipment. We simply hop on the cialis for sale

www.physiquespeak.com/2010/01/05/treadmill-rating/”>treadmill or hook up the Bowflex and get to our workouts. The unfortunate thing is that exercise equipment can be a real danger when there are kids around, even teenagers, who may not know–or sadly even care–how to properly use the equipment.

Sixteen-year-old California boy Justin Butler died on Monday, after his parents found him Sunday night unconscious and entangled in the cords of a Bowflex machine. They attempted CPR, but were unable to revive their son. Though his tragic death was originally cited by the coroner as an accident, Butler’s family approached the press on Wednesday to spread awareness about what they believe really happened to Justin.

It seems the family believes their son was playing a dangerous game popular among teens called “the choking game.” The choking game is used by teens to achieve a natural, euphoric high after forcing themselves to pass out after restricting their intake of air. It’s been around for decades, but according to 2008 research produced by the Centers for Disease Control, the choking game had claimed the lives of at least 82 children since 1995. Now those numbers are on the rise, as kids and teens search for easier ways to cop a quick high without getting caught.

The high is produced when the person attempting to achieve it uses a noose or other means, in Butler’s case the Bowflex, to strangle themselves until they pass out. Even though they are still at risk when in groups of being unable to revive the strangled victim, many kids have started playing the choking game while alone, making it impossible for them to release themselves from the choke hold cutting off their air.

If you have exercise equipment in your home, and you have kids, it’s imperative that you sit down and talk them about how to properly use that equipment. Accidents happen, but awareness about proper equipment use can limit the number of accidents that take place in your home.

While you’re having that talk about proper equipment use, take the time to talk to your kids about the dangers associated with playing a game like the choking game. Many kids may not be aware of the dangers, believing that because they aren’t using drugs to invoke that euphoric high, nothing bad could happen to them.